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Brentwood and Brentwood south neighborhoods are highly sought after for their large lots and trees with an eclectic mix of architecture that is close to the mall, hospitals, shopping, churches and Field Elementary School.


The history of Brentwood Terrace ~ it was once owned the Link family and was farmed to supply grain for their mill downtown.  In 1923, the land was plotted out to be a sub-division called National Boulevard Farms. The neighborhood never took off as it was just too far outside the city limits.  After the end of WWII Linder Link sold the land to his good friend Dr. William Wallis Smith, of Smith Glynn Callaway Clinic. Dr. Smith had Brentwood Terrace plotted out as a sub-division and hired Great Southern Savings & Loan to manage the sub-division. Great Southern interned hired Empire Realty to list and sell the lots. The neighborhood had two amended plats adding Sheridan, Inglewood, Sunset Terrace and the current layout of Sunset.  


Brentwood Terrace was a huge success! It was the furthest southeast sub-division in the Springfield area, until Southern Hills was developed. Highway 60/65 ran past it, so you had to drive by the neighborhood on the way to Galloway, Ozark, or Branson. The neighborhood received lots of great exposure. It had big & small lots, windy streets, it was quite, and the homes being built there were the latest craze – “The Ranch” or “Atomic Ranch Homes.” Many young families moved in as well as more established families that were getting away from their old fashion two story homes in the University Heights and Rountree area so they could enjoy the advantages of a one level home.  

In 1945 the southern part of Brentwood (south of Sunset) was occupied by McFarland’s Airport. He had purchased a 160 acres of farmland located at the NE corner of Glenstone and Barataria. There was a house already there and he added a barn, three hangers, and several runways. But as time went on the land became too valuable and developers approached him to buy the land. Today Brentwood Shopping Center and part of Brentwood South are located on the land that once was the airport.


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