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In 1903, the owners of Pickwick Place (developed in 1890) and Hawthorn Place (developed in 1903) hired William H Johnson to promote and sell their respective sub-divisions. In that same year WHJ acquired land south of Catalpa and north of the Bennett Farm for him to later develop. By 1905, WHJ & family had moved into a house on Pickwick in Pickwick Place to be closer to his business dealings.

By the fall of 1906, WHJ along with John T. Woodruff and others started Springfield’s 1st Country Club on the old Bennett Farm. With the development of the Country Club and his success in selling lots and developing Pickwick Place and Hawthorn Place it was time for him to develop his own sub-division called Meadowmere.



Meadowmere was developed in two stages. Part one of Meadowmere was developed on April 6th 1907 and is bound by Meadowmere Lane on the south, Fremont on the west, Catalpa on the north and Pickwick (both sides of the street) on the east. As most of this area was part of the Kickapoo Prairie and was a cow pasture, WHJ did not need to clear much of the land. He focused his energy on building the stonewalls and entrances for the subdivision which are still in place today.  You can see other examples of WHJ love for stonewalls, bridges, buildings in Phelps Grove Park and Hollister Missouri. As interest peaked in his development, WHJ developed part two. 1st Addition to Meadowmere Place was developed in September 30th 1909 and is bound by Meadowmere Lane on the south, Weller (both sides of the street) on the west, Catalpa on the north and Delaware on the East. Since Meadowmere was the neighborhood closest to the new Country Club many of Springfield’s well-to-do families wanted to live there.  


Meadowmere Place has become one of the most coveted older sub-division with homes rarely coming on the market. It is close to MSU, Phelps Grove Park, Delaware & Rountree Schools, Mercy Hospital and Downtown.

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